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Realtor Partner Program

When working in a competitive seller’s market, speed can be the difference between making the sales and missing out on an offer to a faster buyer. When working with our realtor partners and our borrowers, we pay exceptional attention to detail, while keeping an eye on the clock. During the early pre qualification phase in particular, we recognize the “need for speed.” Realtors want to get their buyers prequalified quickly to find out how much house they can afford so they can start hunting.

In a word-of-mouth profession like real estate, marketing support can be invaluable. Today, 88 percent of first-time buyers use a realtor, and 33 percent of these first-time buyers start researching online — whether for a house, a realtor, or a lender. Connecting the dots in the housing search can increase a homebuyer’s purchase power while making for a simpler and more positive buying experience.

What we offer our Realtor Partners

  • Lead Follow Up

  • Flyers

  • Marketing videos

  • Open House Support

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